Team of Debauchery

The Team of Debauchery consists of four members: Rod, Carl, Lisa, and Skullie. Each of whom have had their special role in the podcast through its lifetime.

Rod the Golden

Our fearless leader hits on the audience while complaining about his lack of sex life. The rest of the team trembles in despair when it comes time to watch one of his rom-com picks. Directors and Writers have nightmares about being the subject of his rants.

Crazy Carl

Without fear for his personal safety or the opinions of others, Carl delights in poking fun at the rest of the cast, whether they deserve it or not.

Though usually a fan of the well written drama, Carl has been known to go completely off the reservation and subject the team to movies he’s never seen before.

Lovely Lisa

While keeping tabs on the drinking game, Lisa also keeps the rest of the cast progressing through the episode. She’s our resident horror fan, excessive blood and gore makes her hungry.

She’s also responsible for dispensing punishment to Carl whenever someone on the cast decides he’s earned it.

Sexy Skullie

Delighting in her warped opinion of what makes a good movie, the only yankee on the team has the daunting task of trying to prove that a girl doesn’t have to be girlie to be sexy.

Skullie subjects the team to a strange combination of post modernism and her really strange obsession with british sex symbols (if there is such a thing) when she’s not drooling over shirtless young action stars.