Movies in the Buff Drinking Game

Alright Buffers, it is that time again! Time to sit down with your popcorn and favorite movie beverage and play the Movies in the Buff Drinking Game with the Team of Debauchery. The rules are very simple, drink every time:

  1. The team goes off topic
  2. Some one says Ring tone
  3. Any mentioning of Rod’s x – wife
  4. Lisa hits Carl
  5. Someone is bitching about bad science
  6. Skullie mentions a number
  7. Three shots for anything Joss Whedon
  8. Reference to a previously buffed movie
  9. Call for 1 star reviews
  10. Mentioning Spanish Zombie Porn, a line of no less than 5 shots.
  11. Ireland joins the show.

Cinema Safety

The Team of Debauchery never condones under age consumption of alcohol, nor do we encourage the over over indulgence of any substance to an unhealthy and potentially deadly level. This is why this drinking game is meant to be enjoyed responsibly, because let’s face it, most of you are in your car drinking coffee to this and will have the jitters by the time you get into work! So keep your eyes on the road there buffers.