Were you Playing?

Alright Buffers, here’s the test, were you paying attention or were you just playing around? During the show the Team of Debauchery will test how well we were paying attention with some really tough questions about the movie. Now it’s your turn to win some fun prizes including (but not limited too) joining in on the fun for an episode and maybe even a 25$ gift card of your choosing! Ooooooooooh.

So each of the Team will ask a question (or questions) about the movie, and by submitting your answers bellow and getting any one of them (or more) correct, you will prove that you weren’t playing around during the movie! It costs nothing to play so submit your answers below!


Any information submitted to the team will not be resold to third parties, or given out at all for that matter. Usual game rules apply, you can only be a winner once every 90 days, we have the final say as to if the answer is correct or not (do not question the Team), and of course please provide valid information so that we can contact you if you win!